‘Everyone was very impressed with the Talk. It was an interactive history lesson that held our members spellbound. One comment from our ladies was ‘we wished it could have gone on longer’. It brought a Tudor way of life into our meeting. We would thoroughly recommend Cherry’s talk to any age group’  Carisbrooke Rd. W.I.

Tudor Specialist – I was one of the original team of professional Period Interpreters at the Palmer’s Farm Living History Project at the Mary Arden site for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, working as a Tudor Housewife running a period farm house for a year.

Life for a Tudor Housewife: I come to the talk dressed as a Tudor Husbandman’s wife in carefully handmade clothes from top to toe which are accurate to the Tudor period in terms of cloth, weave, dye colours and sewing techniques. My table spread with domestic Tudor ware, textiles, season produce and sometimes Tudor food, we explore Tudor life together. The duties of a good housewife was to keep her household well  fed, healthy, clean and clothed, for the children to learn their manners and their prayers, everyone knew their place. I  examine what I am wearing and the contents of the table to illustrate the daily life in a Tudor Husbandman’s household.

‘Excellent insight into the realities of Tudor times. The props, outfit and hands-on opportunities really helped to bring the period to life.’ Dursley and Cam local History Society. Oct 2016

Tudor Textiles: Cloth, the manufacture, trade, fashion and law. This talk explores the processes of wool and linen, the textiles that clothed the nation and brought wealth and great prosperity to the cotswolds.

Tudor Christmas: Christmas was a joyous time, one of the biggest holiday periods for ordinary folk and for this talk I bake a table full of Tudor Christmas goodies and describe the trade and planning that would go into the celebrations. (Available November/December)

A delightful, entertaining talk with so many excellent visual aids, making an enjoyable and informative afternoon.’ Stroud Local History Society.

Tudor Medicine : Life was full of fear of illness in Tudor Britain, waves of plague, sweating sickness and unexplained calamities affected the people. How could danger be avoided? Their ideas of how the body worked came from as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans so how did they cope when sickness threatened, who would they go to? With my colourful and fragrant baskets of herbs and spices we journey into their world.

Tudor Buildings : Tudor buildings have always been looked on as picturesque but how were they built and how were they used and decorated? We have records in the way of inventories and wills which give us insight into the Tudor home.

Thanks to Cherry for lovely manner and vast store of information, a credit to living history.’  National Trust


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