TUDOR AND ROMAN  – A living History Experience

Our Lunch Club members sat and listened, we were all fascinated. Cherry is friendly and gave a very polished and professional talk with a table full of articles to see which were well set out and cared for. I am sure we will ask Cherry to come again and I would recommend her not only for older people but also historians because she has such a good knowledge of her subject. She shared her knowledge and enthusiasm with us’. English Bicknor W.I.


Romano-British Gardens

Beauty and the Bath House

Roman Medicine

Life in a Romano British Villa

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Life for a Tudor Housewife

Tudor Christmas

Festivals and Food

Tudor Medicine

Tudor Buildings.

‘Another excellent talk- we were hanging on your every word and could have listened for hours. Please come again and tell us more!’ Uley WI

A living History Experience

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Tudor Specialist KnowledgeI was one of the original team of professional Period Interpreters on the Learning Team at the Palmer’s Farm Living History Project at the Mary Arden site working as a Tudor Housewife running a period farm house for a year.

The National Trust –

Roman Specialist KnowledgePeriod Interpreter on the Learning team at Chedworth Roman Villa.

I aim to illustrate the daily lives of the ordinary people of history by delivering well researched presentations gleaned from primary sources with museum replica standard period clothes and artefacts, telling the stories of the times through food, clothes medicine, buildings and festivals in the living spaces of the past. I have a passionate enthusiasm for history and I deliver a lively and riveting performance both charming and accessible.

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